Robinson ‘bombshell’ was about purported Bain Town contracts

Bar owner Garvin Dawkins on Friday dropped his “bombshell” on former Member of Parliament Travis Robinson by accusing him of corruption while in office.

Giving testimony before Magistrate Kendra Kelly, Dawkins suggested that Robinson had taken his bombshell remark out of context.

Robinson filed a police complaint after Dawkins warned in a May 2020 Facebook live video, “Travis Robinson, I’m going to drop a bombshell on you, and you won’t know what hit you and where it came from.”

During his testimony, Robinson claimed that statement left him too frightened to leave his house. As a result, he claimed that police visited his home to take a statement.

His lawyer, Roger Minnis, asked, “Did you ever mean to cause Mr. Robinson any physical harm?”

Dawkins replied, “Not one bit.”

Minnis asked, “Give us the nature and context of this bombshell that you spoke of?”

Dawkins said, “In regard to my political bombshell, Mr. Robinson, who is now the former member of Parliament, knows I had and have some crucial information in regard to contracts in Bain Town.”

Minnis summarized, “In short then, you were going to expose corrupt activities.”

Dawkins replied, “Yes. My intention was always to expose those contracts in the public forum.”

Minnis asked, “And those contracts were the only thing you were referring to when you said you were going to drop a bombshell on him, and he wouldn’t know what hit him?”

Dawkins agreed.

In response to a question from Minnis, Dawkins said he had explained to police officers what he’d meant by bombshell.

The defense lawyer had Dawkins read portions of his police interview in which he maintained that he was referring to a political bombshell.

While cross-examining Dawkins, Sergeant 260 Vernon Pyfrom, pointed out that Dawkins did not mention anything about politics in the video that was entered into evidence.

According to Dawkins, the video was “edited” and at least 40 minutes of footage had been omitted.

Pyfrom asked, “In fact, the only time you spoke about politics is after you were arrested and questioned by the police. Do you agree?”

Dawkins replied, “No.”

Pyfrom said, “I’m going to suggest to you, sir, that your intention was to cause fear and once you were arrested you tried to change it about politics.”

Dawkins replied, “No.”

The magistrate will give her decision next month.

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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