Robinson says PM to make announcement

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis will make an announcement regarding concerns and frustrations over the availability of food and water, Bains and Grants Town MP Travis Robinson said.

In a Facebook post addressed to his constituents, Robinson wrote, “I wish to advise you of the follow: 
I have spoken over telephone with the prime minister/ competent authority in regards to your needs.  

“Many have expressed their frustration and disappointments. Your basic needs of food and water were top on my list during my conversation with him. 

“I am pleased that he was very receptive of my conversation with him. As per my agreement and understanding with the prime minister please standby for an announcement from the prime minister’s office. I am satisfied with the pending outcome. 

“Please monitor this page as I will post the update as soon as it is released.” 

On Monday, Minnis announced that a new seven-day lockdown, which took effect immediately, will be one of “sacrifice and hardship” but will allow health officials to evaluate and monitor the spread of COVID-19 on the island.   

Under the lockdown, food stores, private pharmacies, gas stations and water depots are closed.  

Many Bahamians have expressed outrage because they were not given time to prepare.  

Progressive Liberal Party Deputy Leader Chester Cooper called on Minnis to amend the emergency order and allow Bahamians time to prepare.  

The move came after COVID-19 cases on New Providence skyrocketed.  

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames also posted on Facebook that he intended to raise concerns made by his constituents to the prime minister. 

“I spent last evening reading your comments on how the most recent lockdown has affected you and your household,” Dames said.

“I am aware of how difficult it has been for most Bahamians and their families.

“Much like the rest of the world we are in unchartered times. 

“The struggles to meet the most basic obligations in the face of uncertainty is a daily challenge. These are indeed difficult times for all humanity and with God’s help and the understanding that as Bahamians, we are all in this together; and I remain confident therefore, that we will all get through this together!

“One thing is true, we are not perfect beings, but the test of a true man or women is to recognize what is best for himself/herself and for those he/ she loves.

“Constituents we will persevere!

“I have noted all of your concerns and will be addressing those most vital concerns with the competent authority.

“Make no mistake, regardless of how it may appear, as Bahamians, we all long to return our proud nation back to some degree of normalcy. In order for us to get there we must all work together in a spirit of brotherly love; recognizing that we will have our differences as we forge toward one common goal.”

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