Rolle: NIB employee caught doing ‘unbecoming things’ fired

An employee at the National Insurance Board (NIB) was fired after he was found to be complicit in fraudulent activity at the government agency, Minister of the Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle confirmed yesterday.

Initially, it was reported that the employee was producing and selling fraudulent NIB cards.

“My report is that instead of cards, they were fake C10s,” Rolle told reporters.

“C10s are basically forms that were filled out when working with companies, and it is my understanding that there was an activity involving a staff member receiving tips and doing some other unbecoming things with cards from these companies.

“As a result of that, he was separated from the company.”

It is unclear whether the matter was referred to the police or whether the individual will be charged.

Meantime, Rolle said NIB has already improved its security protocols as a result of the fraudulent activity.

“We have in place now some strict protocols,” he said. “[T]hat’s why we’re able to pick it up quickly.

“We just introduced a business portal where companies can directly go online and have their information go directly to NIB.

“So, that eliminates the possibility of fraudulent cards as well as any unscrupulous activities.”

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