Royal Caribbean: Beach club will generate $1 billion over 10 years for The Bahamas

Royal Caribbean International (RCI) expects its Royal Beach Club project on the western end of Paradise Island to bring into the country about $100 million per year over ten years and employ 250 Bahamians for construction and operations, according to a fact sheet on the project seen by Guardian Business.

RCI hopes to open the beach club – which the company says will be able to accommodate 3,500 visitors – by 2023.

‘The goal is to make Nassau the highest-rated and most sought-after destination for Royal Caribbean guests,” the company stated.

RCI said the $1 billion that will be directed into the country over ten years will be as a result of guest spend, government taxes and other expenditures.

The fact sheet added that over the life of the beach club, there will be “millions of dollars in annual contracts to Bahamian businesses, including those for shore excursions, logistics, environmental services, security, beach and sports rental equipment, warehousing, water-taxi services and waste management, to name a few”.

 The fact sheet also reveals that Bahamians will be welcomed to visit the beach club, but only when RCI’s ships are not in port.

“Bahamian residents, their families and friends will enjoy amenities at reduced rates when ships are not on scheduled visits,” the fact sheet states.

Part of the property on which RCI plans to build its beach club is embroiled in a court battle.

Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd. (PILBC) has proposed plans to transform the westernmost portion of Paradise Island – which contains an historic lighthouse – into a beach club.

PILBC developer Toby Smith has been fighting to get his low-density beach club off the ground for eight years, but now has a fight on his hands to get just some of the sandy beach area on the western side of Paradise Island, which is at a premium on the mostly rock coastline.

RCI has purchased myriad properties on the western side of Paradise Island in preparation for its project.

RCI revealed it plans to engage Bahamian entrepreneurs to create businesses for the beach club and employ Bahamian entertainers and artists to showcase the country’s history and culture.

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