Sandals Foundation revamps digital learning

As part of its continued effort to increase digital literacy across the Caribbean, Sandals Foundation has made a significant investment into the computer lab and facilities of the Roker’s Point Primary School, Exuma.

The improvements include an expansion to the existing computer lab, the addition and outfitting of a library, installation of 12 computers, an air-conditioning unit, and the installation of the required electrical wiring to support its use.

Karen Zacca, operations director at Sandals Foundation, said it was important for Sandals Resorts International’s charitable arm to support learning through the project.

“Many Caribbean families do not have access to the internet, computers, or digital devices, limiting their children’s exposure to technology,” said Zacca. “If students have access to these digital devices at school during their formative years, they will receive supervised guidance, be empowered to use technology, and experience enhanced forms of interactive learning while developing basic digital literacy skills that will prepare them for the future.”

Vanessa Penn, Roker’s Primary School principal, said the investment in the computer lab will improve teaching and learning.

“This project is expected to have a significant impact on teaching and learning at Roker’s Point Primary School and will teach students the fundamentals of computer hardware and software, as well as their specific functionality,” said Penn.

Throughout the academic year, some 70 students ages four to six are set to benefit from the use of the renovated space.

Sandals Foundation and Sandals Emerald Bay Resort have been supporters of education and community development on Exuma, donating to a number of schools and youth sports programs. 

Since 2011, the organizations have been assisting students at Roker’s Point Primary School and across the islands in their holistic development by providing educational supplies, new playgrounds, water, sanitation and hygienic stations, and the opportunity for Sandals Resorts guests to interact with the students through the Reading Road Trip program with Island Routes.

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