Sands matter could have been resolved in a better way

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me space in your valuable paper to express my opinion on learning about the resignation of Dr. Duane Sands as minister of health.

I was saddened when I tuned into the evening news broadcast on May 4, 2020 and heard that Sands has resigned.

According to the minister, this was necessary because of a decision he made to allow permanent residents into the country with 2,500 swabs needed for COVID-19 tests.

Sands initially reported two donors coming in and said they were tested for COVID-19 the following day and allowed to quarantine at home.

Let us now take a look at St. John 8:3, where the woman was caught in the act of adultery and brought to the temple where Jesus was by the Scribes and Pharisees.

They reminded him of the Law of Moses, which gave a penalty of being stoned to death if one was caught in the act.

Thank God for grace. Our Lord did not even look up at them but simply wrote on the ground, ‘He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone’.

His statement sent all of them away leaving Jesus and the woman. This remark made the Scribes and Pharisees examine themselves causing them to develop a conscience.

I believe the prime minister and Dr. Sands were both selected by God to serve at this time. I am persuaded that this matter could be reconciled in a better way, other than a resignation of the minister.

I believe Minnis and Sands complemented each other, since Sands would have had more time to not only listen to what is going on around the world but to also research to see which plan he believes is better and why for the Bahamian people, before he passes it on to the PM, so we can stop or curtail the COVID-19 pandemic.

The issue at hand does not appear to be the non-clearance of the permanent residents.

It appears to be more than meets the eye.

The story stated above seems to be teaching us that human beings are more important than laws.

Let us step back and take a look at ourselves. We should and must practice forgiveness, which is a good seed to sow.

May the God who brought us this far allow the prime minister and his team to continue to work together and bring Dr. Sands back.

I pray for God’s continued guidance and protection.

Yours faithfully,

Lillian Dean

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