Sands: No need to point fingers

Elizabeth Estates MP Dr. Duane Sands said there is no need to “point fingers” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While addressing the House of Assembly today, Sands said, “As we move along, as we deal with this surge, we do not know where this road is going to take us. But, we have to acknowledge that it’s just not the people of The Bahamas that is making mistakes. It is not just the people who are not adhering to guidelines.

“We are making mistakes and I think as we moving forward let us look at this thing the way the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration, looks at issues in a non-accusatory fashion. When we look at things let us see how we can do things better. We don’t need to point fingers.

“So, not just the people who are not wearing masks, not just the people who are going to Florida, but perhaps our administration can do some things better. Perhaps our rules can be done a little bit better. Perhaps if we make certain decisions in a different way the outcome will be better.

“There is no me in team. Together everyone achieves more. We will not win this battle against COVID-19 unless we collectively work together to solve these problems.

The Bahamas has experienced a recent resurgence of COVID-19.

It has reported more cases in a two-week window than it did in nearly four months.

Between March 15 and June 14, the country recorded 104 cases. Between July 8 and July 22, the country reported 115 cases.

According to health officials, 3,759 tests were reported as completed.

Sands, who served as minister of health before resigning two months ago, said he expects COVID testing “to continue to be a challenge” as the pandemic worsens.

“As a surgeon working in three busy hospitals in this country, testing is now a serious problem for patients,” he said.

He said the testing requirement has now been “compressed”.

Sands said patients used to be able to get an RT-PCR COVID-19 test within seven days of a surgical operation or within seven days of coming to a hospital.

“What we have found is that that does not provide safety,” he said.

“Unfortunately, just last night, my partner was exposed to a patient with COVID-19 in the hospital and is now quarantined for 14 days. And so, Mr. Speaker, the ability, not just of the country to test, but of our hospitals to test is paramount.

“A message was sent around yesterday by the Public Hospitals Authority that said that we are now postponing or canceling elective cases.

“And so, Mr. Speaker, through you to the honorable member for Bambo Town, building capacity in our capacity through the public healthcare system to do RT-PCR testing is critical for the ongoing ability to provide care.

“We cannot provide an adequate level, certainly of surgical care, without that capacity.”

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