Search for plane that allegedly crashed continues today

Police will today resume the search for a plane that allegedly crashed in waters off Eastern Road last night, Assistant Superintendent of Police Audley Peters said. 

After receiving reports from the Police Control Room of an alleged plane crash around 9 p.m., authorities searched until 11 p.m. for the missing craft. But Peters said no debris was found and officials from Bahamas Air Traffic Control confirmed that no planes were in the area at the time the crash was reported. 

“For sometime now the marine assets and the officers combed the area here along the Fox Hill creek, however there was no debris found of any plane in the vicinity,” he said.

“Subsequently our search is ended and we will continue our search first thing in the morning.”

He said police are uncertain if the matter was a prank or a plane conducting illegal activity. 

Authorities will comb the area today, he said. 

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