Second man charged with defrauding Securities Commission

Police on Thursday charged a second suspect in a scheme that defrauded the Securities Commission out of $850,000.

Damalus Curry, 39, of Old Fort Bay, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with possession of a forged document and uttering a forged document.

Prosecutors say the businessman had a forged Securities Commission check on January 6, 2020 and passed the bad check on the same date.

Curry denied the charge and was denied bail. However, his lawyer Bjorn Ferguson had already arranged an emergency bail application in the Supreme Court.

Justice Guillimina Archer-Minns freed him on $20,000 bail a short time later.

Curry’s co-accused, Jeremy Pinder, is accused of cashing the forged check on January 7 and laundering its proceeds.

Prosecutors say between January 24 and February 4, Pinder moved most of that money outside of the country.

They say on January 24, Pinder transferred $124,344.23 from an RBC Bahamas account to a foreign account.

Pinder was also accused of transferring $123,820.42 from an RBC Bahamas account in the name of JE Catering Service to another account in the name of TMR Limited held outside the country on January 29.

He was further charged with transferring $133,621.51 from the JE Catering Service RBC account to another account outside of the country on February 3 and transferring $166,177.60 from JE Catering Service RBC account to a TMR Limited account held outside the country on February 4.

Pinder also made cash withdrawals totaling $49,600 between January 17 and February 10.

Both men are due to appear before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt on June 25.

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