SelvaRey makes its debut in The Bahamas

The Bahamas has a long, interesting history with rum.

So when the owners of premium rum brand, SelvaRey, developed their four unique flavors of rum, one of their later goals was to introduce them to The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean.

After more than a year of navigating through the logistics, SelvaRey launched in four islands: New Providence, Grand Bahama, Exuma and Abaco.

SelvaRey Rum is said to be “vacation in a glass”. It boasts of having something for everyone. Even chocolate lovers will find a home in SelvaRey. White, Chocolate, Coconut and Owner’s Reserve each has its own distinctive taste.

The Bahamas launch, which took place over the weekend at Baha Mar, included happy hour and tasting at Baha Mar’s Sky Bar, a dinner featuring a daiquiri made with SelvaRey’s white rum, at Marcus, and a sunset boat cruise, which featured two signature SelvaRey cocktails.

SelvaRey co-founder and owner Robert Herzig said the white rum is the most popular but people are intrigued by the chocolate rum.

“The most popular is the white,” he said. “It’s the most versatile. It has the most application, mojitos, daiquiris, classic rum cocktails. 

“The chocolate is definitely the one that excites people. It makes them say, ‘wow, I gotta try it. I gotta bring one home’. There’s nothing else like it. It’s not too sweet. It’s a true rum infused with natural chocolate. It’s absolutely delicious. 

“People love to show it off to their friends. It’s something unique.” 

Seth Gold, who is also a co-founder and owner of SelvaRey added, “It’s something you want to open and say, ‘check this out because you’ve never tasted or smelled anything like it’. It’s really great. And then you taste it and you think it’s gonna be like chocolate syrup or chocolate vodka and you’re like, ‘wow, oh my God, it’s rum and chocolate. It’s great’.”

According to SevlaRey’s website, the coconut rum is born to “elevate any piña colada to pure tropical luxury”.

The owner’s reserve rum is said to be “a blend of 15 to 25-year aged rum that have been hand selected from the finest vintages”.

SelvaRey has been around for more than a decade. Gold said introducing the brand to the Bahamian market has been dream come true.

“We’ve been growing the rum in the United States more and more and it’s getting to the point where it’s really getting out there quite a bit,” Gold said.

“The Caribbean is obviously the heart of the rum world and if you are creating a rum, then your dream would be to be in the Caribbean, especially if it’s a high end rum.

“We’re hoping that we can come to the Caribbean and have the opportunity to say, ‘hey, if you’re charging these prices, use the best ingredients, use the best rum, especially in a place where people really appreciate rum and want to drink rum and want to be drinking rum and love rum cocktails’.”

Noting Bahamians loyalty to their chosen brands, Gold added that the brand is already making some progress in advancing its products.

He said the rum is already featured in some of Café Boulud’s signature cocktails at Rosewood, Baha Mar.

“They’re selling expensive cocktails and they’re using fresh mint and fresh lime juice and they’re toping it and the rum is the one ingredient in the cocktail that hasn’t been upgraded, so they were excited to introduce a new rum,” Gold said.

“They loved it some much they literally reprinted their menus the same day.

“It’s on the menu today,” he added.

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