Senator named on bad loan list

Senator Ranard Henfield was yesterday among those the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s Education Loan Authority (ELA) named among those it claims have delinquent loans and are not able to be contacted.

The ELA had the list printed in Thursday’s Nassau Guardian.

The ad said, “We have not been able to contact the following persons by telephone or any other means and wish to bring to your attention the following persons with outstanding delinquent student loans.”

Henfield’s name appeared among nearly 100 people.

When contacted by The Guardian, Henfield insisted that he has no outstanding loan with the ELA.

He said he would reach out to the ELA today to “clarify”.

“I have no debt,” Henfield stated yesterday, adding, “the last and final payment was made in 2004.

“If the Educational Loan Authority printed my name, I can reach out and clarify that with them tomorrow (today).”

He expressed disbelief that the authority could have had difficulty contacting him, rhetorically asking, “Can you imagine that? Can you reach me?

“I think I’m public, hey?… I have a law firm, my number’s listed…

“So, I don’t know how anyone can say they can’t reach me.

“I mean, you’re reaching me… So, come on.”

Henfield also said he remains unfazed about his name being published and expressed his belief that it comes with the territory of being in public life, stating that he has “seen nonsense published before” but has “never been moved” before and “won’t be moved now”.

“I’m in public life so everything has an agenda and that’s fine,” he said.

“I’m not moved by these things, so it’s fine.”

He added, “To say who posted, or why they would publish it – I don’t know. I’ll have to speak with them…”

The ELA is chaired by MICAL MP Miriam Emmanuel, who yesterday said she was just returning from a trip and did not have the information in front of her to confirm the records.

Henfield said, “I will definitely, tomorrow’s a free day for me, I will go into whichever department that is and find out what’s going on, and why; I don’t know.”

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