Senator rails against LGBT ‘agenda’

Senator Jasmin Turner-Dareus yesterday came out strong against the LGBT “agenda”, stating “that which is morally wrong is never politically or culturally right”.

“No matter who says it, or who wants it. If it is morally wrong, it can never be politically or culturally right,” Turner-Dareus said in a statement.

She added, “Respectfully, but with conviction of conscience and in strong faith, I stand firmly against what I believe is an aggressive anti-moral, anti-biblical social agenda.

“This stance is non-negotiable in my book. I stand with all those who will stand with me. The line has been drawn in the sand. I declare that The Bahamas and its generations will not go down this path.”

She added, “As a Christian and an unbiased senator, I love all people, nations and tribes. As a leader, I understand and respect cultures and tradition as well.

“However, in our desire to be kind to all we must not allow in the name of unity, the compromise in a declining culture to dictate the day or set the course of this nation that has been built on Judaeo and Christian principles.

“The two pillars of any great society are faith and family. If we venture outside the biblical paradigm in those two areas, we will dismantle the foundations that have made us great as a people and given us sure foundation to stand upon.”

Turner-Dareus’ statement comes weeks after it was revealed that the LGBTQ community in The Bahamas is planning a series of pride events — mostly private — for next year.

The senator said, “…I vigorously oppose and will not be in support in any measure, the immorality that will come in accommodating any proposed event or agenda from the local LGBT community.

“The destructive practices that I firmly believe will come with this will perpetually lower our standards and ethics as a nation, until our moral compass will be completely lost.

“Next, will be the confusion of which bathroom one wants to use, irrespective of gender or the sign on the door stating ladies, transgender or men.”

Turner-Dareus added, “As a mother, I’m horrified by the thought of one of my daughters going into a ladies bathroom, only to find a full grown man who feels on that day he is a woman.

“This is madness of epic proportions and if you don’t think that it’s possible that it could get to that point just look at our great friend, the United States of America, and the internal turmoil they are experiencing-today.

“I will not demonize but I take my stand and will battle this with every bit of strength that God supplies to not allow the fox to enter the hen house regardless what he says his intentions are. These are treacherous waters that our nation should never enter.

“The consequences of this accommodation of the proposed events and agenda from this people/group will seek to undo the strong position affirmed in our constitution, that we are country of Christian values.”

She declared that The Bahamas will not go down this path.

Turner-Dareus said The Bahamas belongs to the Lord and he is the governor over the nation.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” she said.

“I will also not bless any union that the Lord himself does not condone and will not bless. I do not support or endorse the agenda or proposed events of the LGBT or pride group in this nation.”

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