Elizabeth Gordon was asleep in her Maple Street, Pinewood Gardens, home on Monday night when she was awakened by what she thought were firecrackers going off.

But Gordon soon realized that she had heard gunshots going off outside her home.

A few frantic moments later, she found her son lying outside the front door, dead.

She held him and she rubbed him. She knew he was already gone. Blood was pouring out from his head, she said.

Gordon’s son, Dion Adderley, and another man, Dimetri Dormeus, were shot and killed on Monday night. Police said a woman who was inside a nearby home was also injured during the shooting.

“At that time, my daughter and granddaughter and my other girls were running down to my room saying my niece had gotten shot,” Gordon said.

“So, I made my way to the front door looking for my son because he was the only one I didn’t see, and upon arriving at the front door he was there, lifeless.”

Gordon said her worst fear as a mother was that her son would die in a car accident.

“I never would have expected this to happen to him,” she said as tears flowed down her face.

“He got a Honda, and I always used to fear, young boys, they used to have a Honda clique, speeding on the road, doing stuff.

“I said, ‘Lord, I pray that one day nobody ever calls me and tells me my baby get in a tragic accident.’ And that was my fear. The fear I had as a mother was him driving this Honda Accord.

“Never one day would I have thought I would have been the one to actually see my son on the floor, lifeless. And like I said to my sister no later than this morning, I said, ‘You know what, God is still an awesome God, because it happened and ain’t nothing I could do, but it happened home where I saw my baby.’

“I said, ‘Because I could tell you if it had happened on the streets and someone had called me home and told me my baby get killed due to whatever it was, I don’t think I would have made it.’

She added, “But I hold my baby for the last time because when I was the one to find him, I checked all his vital signs, but the way I see the blood gushing from his head, I know that was it.

“I knew that was it, and I just rub him up and I rub him. I rub his head, because I knew it was no chances. He was already gone.”

Gordon said her son’s death was “senseless”.

She said her son did not live a troublesome life.

“People say the life you live will catch up with you, but no, he wasn’t that person,” she said.

“He wasn’t that person. Work, home. Work, home.”

Gordon said her son had been doing well at his job at Super Value, where he worked as a dairy manager.

“What I’m asking for as a mother and any other mother, because nobody knows how I’m feeling right now, is justice for my boy,” she said.

She said that Adderley’s friend, 22-year-old Dormeus, who was also murdered that night, was always kind to her.

“I know people going to run talks,” she said.

“People will say what they want to say, but I only could talk to the life of my child, and knowing his friend for the short period of time, he was a mannerly boy. There’s nothing else I really could say.”

Gordon said she wants justice for her son.

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