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Sensible freedom: Let’s honor and show understanding toward each other

I humbly believe that I have the right to share my views as a Christian with anyone. However, it is wrong for me to impose my beliefs on people. My lifestyle should expose my beliefs and not impose them. The way I verbally share my Christian or non-Christian beliefs must not be coercive nor condemnatory.

Similarly, the government is not to create laws that infringe upon the rights of others. This includes and is not limited to the freedom to worship the God you want to, and share your beliefs about that God to others. It is the freedom not to worship and not to have any kind of religious belief. It is the freedom to smoke, drink, be a homosexual, be a heterosexual, commit adultery, gambling, etc. I do not participate in smoking or drinking. I am not a homosexual, nor do I commit adultery. I also teach that others should seek help to avoid having addictive behaviors. I also now know that some homosexuals find it impossible to change their orientation. Nevertheless, is it wrong for a government to legislate how one should live by creating laws that violate my rights to believe what I want to? The role of the government is to make sure that human rights are not violated. Destruction of lives, theft, incest, rape, violence of any kind, are to be illegal in any country. Being a homosexual does not fall into any of these categories.

Many spiritual leaders and other citizens are so upset about two adult people (male or female) having same-sex relationships but are not equally upset against the men or women who sexually molest (rape) little girls and boys. We do not hear the loud voices against those adults who ruin the lives of innocent little children. Adults can choose how they want to live. Little children have very little or no power to do so, but we wound them so greatly. When will these loud voices be raised? When will I hear the loud voices on talk shows and in communities against molestation and rape and poor treatment of the emotional and physically disabled? Why are we so hypocritical? We seem to, by our silence or openly, support the promiscuous behavior of adult men who flirt with countless women. But yet, oh how loudly we can scream when same-sex couples are seen, even though they are behaving respectfully in public.

Many Christian leaders and others alike have many false assumptions about homosexuals. These false assumptions propel their anger and disgust, sadly so. First, many define homosexuality by one action or behavior, and not simply by same-sex attraction.

On the other hand, more heterosexuals are engaging in that very act. Which heterosexual couple will stand up and admit that behavior so we can march against them? Truthfully, heterosexuals are engaging in the act because they believe it is their right and freedom to do so as adults.

Here is another false assumption about homosexuality. Many people believe that homosexuality and promiscuity are synonymous. In other words, every homosexual is sexually prolific, promiscuous, and impulsive without moral discipline. Research tell us that both heterosexuals and homosexuals are equally promiscuous. Also, there are countless homosexuals who choose, based on their beliefs, not to have multiple partners and to only have long-term faithful, monogamous relationships.

There are some heterosexuals who seem not to be able to control themselves when they see sexy legs or partially exposed breasts. There are even heterosexual females who prey on good-looking young men or boys. But I ask, where are the loud voices against these kinds of behaviors?

I am becoming increasingly concerned and often embarrassed by the way many of our females dress in public. Their clothes are too tight, too short, and too revealing. Far too many are exposing parts of their bodies that were once considered private. Finesse and charm are no longer the beauty appeal. Yet, do we hear the loud voices? No. But when adults of the same-sex hold hands in public we scream. We need to clean up society. Not by getting rid of the homosexuals, they will always be with us, but by being more loving, respectful, decent human beings. By also displaying a higher level of honor and understanding toward each other. By raising our voices loudly against those who cause pain to the innocent ones – the children who cannot choose, vulnerable women and teens, at-risk people, and developmentally or emotionally disabled persons.

• Barrington Brennen is a counseling psychologist and marriage and family therapist. Send your questions to question@soencouragment.org or call 242-327-1980 or visit www.soencouragement.org.

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