Serial groper jailed for 23rd time

A serial sex offender convicted of groping 23 women in almost two decades was sentenced to six years in prison on Monday.

Sidney Cooper’s history of sexual assaults against women dates back to 2000.

His most recent conviction is for the indecent assault of a teenage girl in the downtown area in June. He re-offended soon after his release from prison for groping a nine-year-old girl at a public pump and a policewoman while on trial in 2016.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney told Cooper that those convictions allowed the court to double the maximum sentence of three years.

Cooper exclaimed, “Six years? I just come out of jail!”

Cooper, 43, of Exuma Street, The Grove, has been diagnosed with frotteurism — the practice of achieving sexual stimulation or orgasm by touching and rubbing against a person without the person’s consent and usually in a public place.

He has repeatedly claimed that he needs help for his hyperactive sexual urges. McKinney had ordered that he see a psychiatrist while in prison.

Cooper groped a female officer in court this month, his second sexual assault on an officer while on trial.

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Artesia Davis

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