Seven more diplomats take oath 

Seven more diplomats yesterday took oaths as they were formally appointed.

Joseph Curry, a long-serving foreign service officer at The Bahamas’ embassy in Washington, D.C., who also served as director of the economic and technical assistance division, is ambassador to The Holy See.

Sebastian Bastian, a businessman, who is CEO of Island Luck, is The Bahamas’ ambassador for Central America.

William Wong, the founder of Chelsea’s Choice, who previously served as president of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation, is ambassador to Morocco.

Dr. Dexter Johnson, an oral surgeon, whose son was the first Black valedictorian at Princeton University, is ambassador to Brazil.

Taran Mackey, managing director of The Bahamas office for IPG Family Office Ltd., a multi-family office that specializes in trust and estate planning with over $2 billion is assets, is ambassador to Kuwait.

Rick Fox, a three-time NBA champion and actor, and Chris “Fireman” Brown, a five-time Olympian, are ambassadors-at-large for sports.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell said the commissioning ceremony for the new ambassadors was “an important occasion”.

“I want to welcome all of you – and some of you back – to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said.

“My point is more generally that our society, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must find a way to cut through delay, procrastination and bureaucratic inertia. One year later, the list of things to do is not complete. We have miles, as the poet says, to go before we sleep.

“Each of you have been specifically chosen by the prime minister to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to work, to share your skills and I emphasize to work, to share your connections, your energy, to build the project Bahamas.”

Mitchell told the new diplomats that this was not the job for them if the money is too small and the hours are too long.

He said while the job is a political one, it is not a partisan one.

“The bottom line then in welcoming you is to say to you that you are serving the Bahamian people and you serve them until it is time to go,” Mitchell said.

“Remember that we must work and work while it is day because night comes and no man can work.”

Prime Minister Philip Davis said the appointments attest to the range, breadth and depth of The Bahamas’ international relationships.

He said it is also evidence of The Bahamas’ intention and ability to promote areas of special interest and relevance to its national development.

“Our ambassadors have key roles to play in ensuring that our voices are heard and our interests promoted,” Davis said.

“When they speak for us, they will show the world what we are made of. I am proud that our cadre of ambassadors is drawn from the best amongst us.”

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