Several businesses were shut down by police over Easter weekend, ACP says

Assistant Commissioner of Police Craig Stubbs said yesterday that police had to shut down several businesses that were hosting gatherings with hundreds of people during the Easter weekend.

“From the enforcement aspect from the police and the COVID ambassadors, we cited about three or four business establishments who were found were having an excess of persons,” Stubbs told The Nassau Guardian.

He noted that there was “hardly standing space for patrons” at some of the establishments.

Asked about the size of the crowds, Stubbs said, “Most definitely in the hundreds. That is one of the reasons why we took action and we asked them to cease operations. We spoke to the proprietors. They were cited and we had them closed down and asked everyone who was patronizing them to leave.

“Once they left, we were able to have a discussion with the business operators. It’s sad to say [but] ignorance is no excuse and a lot of them keep saying they didn’t know, they didn’t know. We’ve been in COVID now for almost a year plus and these orders were out — as it relates to businesses — once they reopened and were operating.

“So, for you to say you didn’t know, you didn’t know, it’s no excuse.”

He said business operators should not operate in breach of the emergency order “all for the dollar”.

Stubbs said there were large numbers of individuals on the beaches over the holiday weekend.

However, he noted that it was not to the point “where I can say the beaches were excessively overcrowded”.

Stubbs said “a lot” of individuals are adhering to the emergency order.

“I think a majority of persons are adhering to it,” he said.

“There’s still a small pocket of individuals who feel as though they can try to see how far the law will be enforced on them.”

Stubbs said Friday was a “relatively quiet day”.

He said things picked up on Saturday.

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