Seymour was picked out as shooter in photo lineup, jury hears

Marine Jevon Seymour was identified in a photo lineup as the person responsible for the murder of Petty Officer Percival Perpall, a jury heard.

Seymour is on trial for the April 28, 2019 murder of Perpall and the attempted murders of Calvin Hanna and Ellis Rahming.

He pleaded not guilty.

The incident took place on the grounds of Government House.

Inspector Durie Smith testified that Seymour refused to participate in an ID parade or a group ID.

Smith said on an ID parade, Seymour would have been placed in a room with eight other people and the witness would have viewed them through a one-way mirror.

For the group ID, the witness would walk into a room and view potential suspects.

Since Seymour declined to participate in either type of parade, police prepared a 12-man photo lineup using Seymour’s arrest mugshot. The pictures of the 11 other men came from the police database, the court heard.

Hanna and Rahming viewed the photo lineups separately on April 29 and they both identified Seymour as the shooter, the court heard.

Inspector Jamal Evans testified that Rahming viewed the photo lineup around 4:30 p.m.

Evans said he told Rahming that the shooter might not be on the lineup.

After viewing the lineup, Rahming identified Seymour in position number 11.

About 20 minutes later, Sergeant 2891 Tiffany Crawley-Hamilton showed Hanna another photo lineup. He selected Seymour from position number five, she said.

Defense lawyer Murrio Ducille questioned whether the men on the lineup resembled each other.

Evans agreed with Ducille that the men had differences in complexion.

However, he maintained that the men had a “similar description”.

Crawley-Hamilton disagreed with a suggestion from Ducille that the accused was the only person with a “flat nose” on the photo lineup.

She maintained that they all shared similar facial characteristics.

Ducille questioned why Evans and Crawley-Hamilton didn’t use full body photos in the lineup.

This, Ducille said, deprived the witnesses from seeing the height and build of the suspects.

Terry Archer and Destiny McKinney are prosecuting.

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