Should Abaco be rebuilt?

Dear Editor,

In the aftermath of a hurricane that — thanks to climate-warmed waters – pushed the limits of a Category 5, the Bahamian government has declared “no expense will be spared to recover from this historic disaster”.

That is great news, but Bahamians must ask the hard question: should we rebuild?

Is it wise to rebuild on an island that, at its highest point, is only 30 feet above sea level?

Would it not be more prudent for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to declare the people of the Abacos climate refugees and plan instead for their relocation?

I know that sounds shockingly defeatist, but in a world where seas are getting higher and hurricanes more intense, our continued fossil-fuel addiction and inaction will only get deadlier and costlier and those on the front lines, like in The Bahamas, will pay the highest price.

Not one more child should pay with his or her life because the adults are in denial.

The time is now to reach out and help those in need, but it is also time to demand strong climate action — and to adjust to the harsh reality of a changing world.

– Cherise Udell, Washington,

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