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What are your feet saying at this time of year? Are they feeling the love, or are they being ignored, neglected, or even tortured? After all, the feet are located way down at the bottom of your legs, out of sight and often, out of mind. It’s easy to forget that your foot health is as important as the health of the rest of your body and mind.

Your feet are very important to the functioning of your entire body. Your feet hold you up, take you places, and keep you balanced – but the feet are one of the most neglected parts of the body. But not this year. As we pause to think of all the people and things we love in our lives, I challenge you to think of your feet. They have been good to you. They have taken you everywhere you want to go. They function every day without “complaint” and get up and do it all over again even after a day of aches and pains. If your feet are hurting, looking tired and worn and are not jumping for joy, maybe they need some love too.

It’s time to pamper your tired feet and show them some extra TLC (tender love and care) and attention. Pampering doesn’t need to be expensive; there are alternative and reasonable ways. Your feet are precious, they deserve to be loved and pampered too. The following are some ways to pamper your tired, aching feet.

Practice proper foot hygiene:
Wash your feet every day and dry them properly especially between the toes. Dry your feet completely before putting on socks and shoes to avoid fungal and other infections. Wear clean socks/hoses daily, and rotate the shoes you wear.

Wear the correct size shoes:
Not too tight and not too loose. Make sure your shoes are well made, supportive and fit properly with at least a finger’s width of space beyond the end of your toes. This is to avoid getting corns, calluses, blister, ulcers, ingrown toenails and other foot complaints. Wear the right shoes for the right sport.

Moisturize your feet while asleep:
At night, before going to bed, apply moisturizers or your favorite foot oil and lotion. Wearing socks or booties can also help keep the moisturizer on your feet. It will help get rid of the dry and cracked heels and foot skin. Achieve those soft and smooth feet everyone will surely adore. If the feet are still dry and scaly, you may have a fungal infection that needs to be treated.

Foot spa and bath:
One of the super relaxing ways to pamper your feet, is a foot spa. It can have a soothing effect on your feet. You can do it in the comfort of your own home or go to your favorite spa or salon. For those who choose to have a pedicure, let the dirt and dry skin be scrubbed and washed away. At home you can put your feet in a basin of warm water with fragrant soap for 10 to 15 minutes, then use a foot file to scrub and exfoliate the dead skin; cut and file the nails. Diabetics are strongly advised not to soak their feet especially – in hot water.

Foot massage:
A relaxing foot massage stimulates the nerves in the feet and improves blood circulation. It helps eliminate stress, feels great and has many other therapeutic benefits. And, everyone loves a foot massage!

Your feet don’t need to be super tired or in bad condition before you pamper them. Make it a habit. Pampering them is just like pampering your whole body and mind. At this time of love, just do it – and enjoy.

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