Sinclair: BTC has slowed loss of mobile subscribers

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has slowed the loss of mobile subscribers impacting the company since telecoms competitor Aliv entered the market, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Garfield Sinclair said last week, adding that other parts of BTC’s business are seeing an uptick.

Sinclair told Guardian Business that the company is currently positioning itself to launch a new slate of products and initiatives designed to further slow the loss of mobile subscribers and move those numbers “north again in the third quarter”.

“The reduction in mobile subscribers definitely slowed way down,” said Sinclair.

“You have to slow it down. It’s going to plateau and then it should start going north again.”

Sinclair said BTC understood that it would face losses in mobile subscribers when the sector became liberalized.

He explained, though, that while the mobile market was introduced to competition, the employees at BTC did not understand how to operate in a competitive environment, having come out of a monopoly position.

He explained that the employees are now beginning to do what it takes to compete in the mobile sector.

Accordingly, Sinclair said the company is preparing to spend money on marketing in order to continue to combat the loss of mobile subscribers.

“You have to create excitement in the market,” he said.

Sinclair said BTC has gotten the go-ahead from its parent company Liberty Latin America to run fiber optic cable to another 25,000 homes.

He added that the company has been selling its television product “like crazy on the eastern end of the island”.

“The service delivery guys are working hard to catch up,” he said.

“We have revamped the sales organization and promoted within the business young operators who had been hidden by a structure that had not given them the visibility to flex their muscles,” he added.

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