Sinclair: BTC still controls 70% of mobile market

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is still the biggest mobile provider in The Bahamas, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Garfield Sinclair said yesterday, explaining that BTC still controls nearly 70 percent of the country’s mobile market.

Sinclair, who spoke to reporters outside the opening session of the Public School Administrators Conclave at the Baha Mar Convention Centre, said BTC remains the standard in telecommunications in the region.

He explained that the company is simply in the process of continuing to reshape itself in the face of competition, now having to contend with mobile company Aliv, which entered the market three years ago.

“We’re still the biggest mobile provider on The Bahamas,” Sinclair said.

“We are the biggest mobile provider in The Bahamas. We still have near 70 percent share, 72 percent of the value share, so were are still the standard and bigger mobile provider.”

Sinclair said BTC has trained all the technical telecommunications capacity in the region and has been around longer than many other telecommunications companies.

According to Sinclair, transforming BTC within this competitive environment has been “fraught” with challenges, but he explained that BTC has to maintain its standards in this environment.

“It is a journey we’re on,” he said.

BTC is one of Liberty Latin America’s lowest performing subsidiaries, Liberty’s Chief Executive Officer Balan Nair said recently at a Liberty Global town hall meeting in Jamaica.

 Nair said at that meeting that he expects BTC to become a better performing operation in the future, though he explained that he expects it will be a “slightly longer project”.

 Sinclair said BTC seems to be slowing its loss of mobile subscribers, and he noted recently that the company will increase the number of homes it runs its fibre network to in the coming months.

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