Single father of five struggling to make it

Wilfred Meadows, 59, a single father of five, has been struggling to feed his family ever since an accident left him unable to work nine years ago.

The economic fallout that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on those living below the poverty line. For many, like Meadows, the struggle to survive has meant relying on the kindness of others.

Meadows’ family was one of several who received grocery boxes and vouchers from Teen Challenge Bahamas Director Eric Fox yesterday.

“So far it’s been real rough,” Meadows said, standing outside his dilapidated plywood home.

“It’s been real rough, but we thank God for people like you all in the community who reach out to people like us that are unfortunate.”

Meadows, who has four sons and a daughter, said he has lived in the same Marshall Road community all his life. He became a single father 10 years ago when his wife left for work one day and never returned.

“She went missing when the two boys were very young,” he said.

“She had a tragedy. She went to work one night and never showed up no more from then. It has been now 10 years since she went missing, so I have to be mummy and daddy.”

Shortly after, an accident in 2011 left him jobless. Meadows said he is still awaiting another surgery as a result of that accident.

“I had an accident and got two broken legs,” he said.

“I did three surgeries. I’m still pending one at this time, so I’m not able to work.”

Fox said the boarding home at Teen Challenge Bahamas is full because of COVID-19. He thanked a group called Someone Who Cares and other donors.

“So far they have given me $8,000 to $10,000 worth of vouchers just to find people who are hurting or who are in need,” he said.

“That’s most people right now, but especially those people who are vulnerable, who don’t have light, don’t have water, don’t have food [and] have kids. And so I’m really grateful for the opportunity that I can come and give.”

Fox added, “This a time now for everybody to give a little to someone.”

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