Sir Arthur Foulkes’ home burglarized

Former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes and his wife were asleep in their bedroom Wednesday night when their home was burglarized, he confirmed yesterday.

The 91-year-old said although nobody was harmed, he and his wife are shaken up over the incident.

“It’s not a good experience,” he said.

“You feel shaken to know that while you were sleeping there was an intruder in your house. That’s not a very pleasant feeling. My wife…she was very shaken up by it.”

Sir Arthur said they didn’t realize their home had been broken into until the following morning.

He said police believe the culprit gained entrance through the kitchen window.

“They took a laptop,” Sir Arthur told The Nassau Guardian. “They took a cell phone and some cash…and then they let themselves out through the kitchen door. It was as simple as that.”

Sir Arthur said he was at home with his wife and their housekeeper at the time of the incident.

“We were in bed,” he said.

“Our bedroom is upstairs. We have a housekeeper; her bedroom is downstairs. They didn’t attempt to get into any of the bedrooms. They just went into the open spaces and took what they saw.”

Sir Arthur said the incident was only the second time in his life that he was a victim of crime.

It remains unclear what time the burglary happened or how many people entered Sir Arthur’s home. The incident was not included in the daily crime report.

However, it was one of many recent robberies and burglaries on New Providence.

Cedric Moss robbery scare

Prominent local pastor Cedric Moss said his Westridge home was almost broken into on Wednesday night while some of his family members were inside.

He said police responded before the men could make their way into the building.

“[We feel] traumatized and violated,” he said.

Moss said one of the most concerning things is that it appears some of the incidents are not being reported to the public.

“When we’re hearing about crimes that are not making the police report, it raises questions in our minds as to whether the crime is being managed intentionally in the country,” he said.

“And at some point, it goes beyond managing crime to being dishonest about crime. And whether that is to appease the U.S. embassy, whether that is to appease would-be travelers to the country, that doesn’t serve residents who live here.

“You need to be informed about what’s happening in the country, whether you think it may create fear or whatever else. People may respond to it differently, but at least it puts us in a position to be more aware of how this little country of ours is changing.”

On the same night, another home in Westridge was broken into.

Iyandra Bryan, the owner, said nobody was home at the time, but she arrived at her house and met the front door busted open and a number of belongings missing, including televisions, laptops and iPads. Brown said her eight-year-old daughter said she no longer wants to live in the house.

A woman was sexually assaulted in her Coral Harbour home on Tuesday night after two men forced their way into her house, police reported.

Police said she was robbed of cash and other personal items.

Police said there was a 22 percent decrease in housebreaking last year.

There were 684 housebreakings in 2019, according to police.

This was a significant decrease when compared to 879 in 2018 and 875 in 2017.

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