Sir Randol Fawkes among those honored

Sir Randol Fawkes, a former trade unionist and Cabinet minister, who is best remembered for the role he played in ushering in majority rule in The Bahamas, topped the list of national honors announced on Friday.

In total, 10 people were named as honorees, some posthumously. Of the honorees, nine are Bahamians.

The list of names features politicians, physicians, clergymen and educators, as well as others who have helped shape The Bahamas over the course of its recent history.

Recipients were awarded in five categories: Order of National Hero; Order of The Bahamas, Order of Excellence; Order of Distinction and Order of Merit.

Order of National Hero

Sir Randol was posthumously named a national hero, the most senior order of The Bahamas.

The honor recognizes Bahamians who have “given selfless service to The Bahamas of a most distinguished nature”.

Recipients of this honor are entitled to be referred to as “right excellent”.

Order of The Bahamas

Former Senate President John Henry Bostwick was named a companion of the honor Order of The Bahamas.

The late Paul Lawrence Adderley and the late Sir Alvin Braynen were also posthumously named companions of the Order of The Bahamas.

Companions of the order are entitled to be referred to as “right honorable”.

Justice Claire Hepburn, Justice Jeanne Thompson and Justice Rhonda Bain were named officers of the Order of The Bahamas.

Officers of the order are entitled to be referred to as “honorable”.

The award of Order of The Bahamas is given to any Bahamian “who has achieved outstanding distinction in The Bahamas and given distinguished and exemplary service to The Bahamas”.

Order of Excellence

Frank Crothers, a director of the Lyford Cay Foundation, was named a member of the Order of Excellence.

The Order of Excellence is awarded to non-Bahamians who “have given exemplary service to The Bahamas”.

Order of Distinction

Dr. David Allen, a leading psychiatrist in The Bahamas, was named a member of the Order of Distinction.

This honor is given to Bahamians recognized for exemplary service provided to The Bahamas.

Order of Merit 

Educator Roselda M. Woodside was named a member of the Order of Merit.

This honor is given to Bahamians who have “achieved eminent national or international distinction in the field of science, education, public service, the arts, literature or any other endeavor”.

The National Honors Act was put into law under the Christie administration in 2016.

At the time, the then Prime Minister Perry Christie noted, “We have over the past few years been naming buildings, defense force vessels and roads after national heroes.

“We want our children to understand their noble heritage. We want our young men and women to understand what it means to stand on the shoulders of Pompey, Stephen Dillett, Clarence Bain, Milo Butler, Georgiana Symonette, Dame Doris Johnson, Rev. Dr. H.W. Brown, Clement Bethel, Amos Ferguson, Winston (Gus) Cooper, Sir Lynden Pindling and hundreds of others.”

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