Six benefits of an intentional personal brand at work

Personal branding became popular around 1997. Before then, people did not think of themselves as brands. However, no matter what you do, you are the CEO of you.

To make the concept clearer, think of yourself as a product in the marketplace. Just like companies tell you how they want you to see their product or service, you too want to control the way people see you in the workplace.

A brand is what you are known for, the way people experience you and how they describe you. Everyone has a personal brand; it is indicated by the way people talk about you when you are not in the room. There is a certain consensus about you.

Everyone has a personal brand, whether intentional or unintentional. Many people are struggling in their careers because of a negative brand they can’t shake.

If your career is important to you, taking the time to create an intentional brand can be extremely beneficial. Here are six reasons why.

You can better take control of your career when you sit down and craft for what you want to be known. This is called setting an intention. When most employees get a new job, their intention is just to do a good job. However, that is very vague and subjects you to being led as opposed to being in control and this often leads to being pigeonholed.

You will be more focused and accountable to yourself when you are working to establish a strong brand. For example, if being punctual is something you want to be known for, choosing that value as a part of your branding will cause you to do everything in your power to be on time. It will drive the way you think and plan ahead, because you know a brand has to be consistent.

You can shape the way others see you. When you become intentional and consistent you will have the power to influence the way other people see you. Let’s say you want to be seen as a problem-solver. As you move about you will always be that person looking to solve the problem, you will speak in terms of solutions versus problems. If you are really focused, you will begin to see problems others miss and find solutions or at least collaborate with others to do so. This behavior will become the perception associated with you.

Your employer can better leverage you. If your brand is strong, when there is a need for a problem solver, you will be at top of mind. People will depend on you to help solve problems. You become more valued in the organization.

You will become more marketable because you will be known for your contribution. This helps you to confidently discuss a raise, promotion or interview for a better opportunity.

You will become more confident because you will understand what you bring to the table and what makes you unique. Your brand is a culmination of your skills, personality and values. In other words, it is not just what you do but how you do it. Your brand is unique to you. Many people can solve problems but the way you deliver your solutions can be unique, impactful and the difference maker.

Interested a little help to intentionally create your personal brand? Request my free guide at info@influentialvoice.com.

Kim Welcome is the country’s leading communications trainer/coach/speaker. She is the go-to for top-tier organizations looking to transform the soft-skills of their client-facing and leadership teams. With 15-plus years as a consultant, she also coaches individual professionals who want to strengthen their personal brand, increase visibility and advance their careers. She draws from her BA in communications, professional background in marketing and sales, training as a voice actor and experience as a singer to help her clients to communicate skillfully, intentionally and effectively. Contact her at info@influentialvoice.com, 242-436-3385.

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