Sleepy Lexx awakens

Hip hop artist forging ahead to make his dreams reality

Like many people, Darius “Sleepy Lexx” McKenzie, found himself faltering as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded after the first case was identified in The Bahamas on March 15, 2020, and he found himself furloughed from his hotel sector job. But as much as he found himself in a quandary, it also gave him the opportunity to focus on something he loves, and he is now looking at this year optimistically to work on his music and build his fan base.

Lexx, a hip hop artist, said he has plans to re-release his first single of the new year “Lurkin” with a music video that he shot in Miami along with his freestyle single “Whoopty”, as well as a third song “Playing For Keeps” set to release in short order, and which he has also shot a music video for.

He said he’s excited for his project to drop.

Lexx’s journey to get to where he is today began with the announcement that the hotel sector was closing its doors and furloughing employees, due to the coronavirus. He was listening to a song he had finished recording the night before and wondering what his immediate future would look like. This from the young man who said although he loves music, he also knows how difficult it would be for him to “make it”.

Lexx, the son of triple-threat songwriter, executive producer and recording artist, Dillon “D-Mac” McKenzie said music has always been in his blood, but he decided to focus on his job and trying to obtain higher education, pursuing information technology studies.

As the bleak hours turned into days, then weeks, and months, Lexx found himself working odd jobs, but he said music kept him sane through it all.

“I would wake up, write lyrics, listen to beats, and whenever I got a chance to, [I would] go and record.”

In September 2019 Lexx said he was leaving a friend’s house where he had recorded a single “Scrutinized” which speaks to his upbringing and current situation, in the small home studio set-up, and as he walked to board public transportation, he found himself pondering his future. When he got to his grandfather’s house, he said he sat on the wall there, phone in hand and a notepad in the other and just kept thinking about the music.

“Whenever I got in the zone, it’s like I just checked out from the world,” said the young man who is confident of his lyrical abilities and the sound of his deep, raspy voice.

“I was scrolling through pictures on my phone and saw a picture when I was recording when I was in Miami. I remembered the dudes who I had worked with – we had a group chat, of course, the group chat had zero activity, but at point, I said what the hell!”

Lexx reached out in the chat; a few days later he received a return message in the group.

“I was surprised to be honest,” he said.

Less than a month after that initial exchange, Lexx found himself in Miami recording music.

“It was kind of weird, because one minute I’m sitting around trying to figure things out, the next I’m on a plane heading to Miami.”

He spent six weeks in South Florida recording at a studio for long hours. It was unlike anything he had experienced having to put in eight-hour days recording music on the tight schedule, and even doing photo shoots or video shoots.

It was unlike anything he had experienced before.

“When I was home in Nassau, I would record whenever I want. Let’s say I’d start to record one song – if I’m not feelin’ it, move onto a next, or I would record for a few hours and then go chill for a bit.”

The upside to it all he said is that on any given day, he would see anyone from young artists like himself trying to make it, to the established artists.

“I just keeping thinking to myself – one day I’m there, and bigger.”

Lexx said he knows the experience has him stepping in the right direction towards making his dreams, reality.

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