Son hopes to find father’s remains before holidays

Before the holidays arrive, Micheal Dawkins Jr. and his family desperately hope to recover the remains of his father that were washed away in powerful storm surge during Hurricane Dorian. 

Michael Dawkins Sr., 64, reportedly died after a piece of wood struck him on the head as he tried to escape his home in rising floodwaters with his girlfriend. 

Three months later, the younger Dawkins, 41, said he’s willing to take matters into his own hands and begin the search for a man he said brought joy into the lives of many.

I was contemplating going to Abaco and searching a certain area for myself just to get some closure on it,” Dawkins said in an interview with The Nassau Guardian

“There’s a certain area I think he can possibly be. It’s towards the back of Dundas Town.”

He said the remains of his father’s neighbor were retrieved in the same area, and he’s almost certain he’ll be able to find his father close by. 

Dawkins said his father was a taxi driver living in Dundas Town, Abaco.

His father was affectionately known to the community as “Old Mike”, and Dawkins said that while his father was short in stature, he had a towering personality.

Dawkins said that he and his family were considering having a memorial service in his honor toward the end of September or early October, but he now wants to hold off on those plans in hopes that his father will receive a proper burial.

“I have to see something. I have to find out for myself. I need closure,” he said. 

“I’m always thinking about it. I actually like coming to work because I don’t think about him as much. But in my alone time, is when I really think about it. 

“Sometimes, my thoughts keep me awake at night. It’s like a little nail that just keeps pricking me.”

Dawkins added that he’s going to miss his father’s sense of humor the most. 

“He had a big sense of humor. The entire family can tell you that,” he said. 

“Once you saw him, you knew you were in for a few laughs. That was definitely him.” 

Asked how his family is coping with the loss, Dawkins said, “We don’t talk about it. Even though we feel the sting of his death, we try not to dwell on it because as soon as someone starts talking, someone will start crying.”

Hurricane Dorian decimated Abaco and Grand Bahama in early September, leaving at least 70 people dead and hundreds still missing. 

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