Friday, Nov 16, 2018
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Within the track and field family in The Bahamas, the concentration on the upcoming November 24 election of executive officers and council members is quite heavy. The top conversation piece for

Less than 48 hours after he threw his last punch in a quality 24-6-1 win-loss-draw record professional boxing career, Meacher ‘Major Pain’ Major put together a program that figures to

The philosophy that is to guide the sports ministry, collectively, is transparency and an adherence to the conditions by which financial assistance is given, sports infrastructure is put in place

The Jamaican boxer, Martin Anderson, fell to the canvas. The crowd at the C. I. Gibson Gymnasium roared. As Anderson appeared unable to get up, referee Alvin Sargent waved the fight over. Bahamian

He’s recorded 18 knockout victories. Tonight, he aims for No.19 and a boastful Jamaican, Martin Anderson, will be in the opposite corner when Meacher “Major Pain” Major goes into “ring” action

Social media is inundated with claims, allegations against the administrative system within the Bahamas Association of Athletics Association (BAAA). Financial amounts have been questioned. Criticisms abound regarding the lack of reports

Max Quant made the call. Early on Wednesday morning, he made contact to inform me of the presence in Grand Bahama, of a very special, long-time, contributor to nation building in

At close of day, a month down the road, November 24th to be exact, Rosamunde Carey should know for sure whether she will be charting the course for the Bahamas

Yolett “Coach Yo” McPhee-McCuin, without hesitation, acknowledges the tedious process required for her to get the ball rolling at the outset of being hired to head the Women’s Basketball Program