Squatters should have no rights

Dear Editor,

The government is unnecessarily embroiled in a discussion over the acquisition of property on which shantytowns existed on Abaco.

One can only wonder if the prime minister is aware that the august body, of which he is a part, is the supreme law-making institution under our system of government.

Even the Privy Council must bow to its power.

The government does not have to spend untold amounts of money, in these difficult times, trying to acquire land with questionable titles when it can simply amend existing laws in Parliament to accomplish their objectives and then re-zone the land in question so that no residential construction can ever occur there again.

In addition, it is ridiculous that in this day and age so-called squatters’ rights are not done away with.

The size of our population and the prices of land in this country make it eminently unfair that one can hide in the bushes on a piece of land they do not own and gain legal possession of it if they can hide there long enough, while others have to save for a down payment and pay ridiculous interest rates in order to own a piece of the same land.

This creates an unfair advantage for those who know how to hide, compared to people like me who do not. Simply rewrite the law to do away with squatters’ rights and create fairness and then ban the construction in those areas, of any structure that does not have a building permit, with hefty fines for the builder, while penalizing landowners who allow shoddy subpar construction on their properties.

Personally, I am tired of politicians spending money, either borrowed or directly out of taxpayer pockets, because they refuse to think. This country has a hard road ahead and politicians cannot just spend the people’s money as though it is business as usual.

– JB

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