St. Andrew’s School students focus on sharing the planet

Nine weeks of research, writing, creating, talking, cooperating and rehearsing by grade five students at St. Andrew’s International School culminated recently with students showcasing their Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition.

The exhibition this year focused on the topic “Sharing the Planet: By collaborating, we can begin to solve local and global problems”, which represented a significant event in the lives of students, according to school officials, synthesizing the essential elements of the PYP, and sharing them with the school community.

This year, students inquired into local and global issues and how people and organizations collaborate to solve local and global problems. And there were many components to the projects. In their music classes, students collaborated to write a song about the need to share and protect global resources. They also explored sporting organizations that are collaborating to make a positive impact on the world during their physical education lessons. In Spanish, students explored organizations helping endangered animals.

Students also completed a research paper, a creative writing piece, artwork, technology elements, and most importantly, an action project. To fulfill this component, students took an action to raise awareness about their issue and worked toward making a difference in this area. Some of this year’s action projects included beach clean-ups, educating younger grades, making and sharing videos to raise awareness, and making posters to educate the public about a local concern.

School officials say the experience is also an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile that they have been developing throughout their engagement with the PYP.

On the final night of the exhibition, students shared their presentations with the St. Andrew’s school community.

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