St. Anne’s student and budding pastor hopes to become valedictorian of his graduating class

When 10-year-old Kriston Rolle started this school year, his list of goals was nearly as long as his list of accomplishments.

Topping his list of priorities were to be appointed head boy of St. Anne’s School, to excel in his swim club, and to be valedictorian of his 2023 sixth-grade graduating class.

Kriston, who said he has a deep love for God, his family and baking, has since been appointed deputy head boy. Despite not attaining the role as head boy, Kriston isn’t letting the disappointment slow him down.

His sights are now set on his improving his 3.75 GPA and qualifying for swimming nationals next summer.

“I want to get A’s on my GLAT exams, my tests, and to do well in school,” he said.

Kriston is also hoping to be nominated for Primary School Student of the Year.

“I’m a leader and team player,” he said. “My teammates voted me class captain in grade five.”

As for his swimming goals, Kriston, who is the 8-and-under boys first runner-up at the 2021 swimming nationals, is looking to go after another title in the 9-10 age category next year. However, he acknowledges that it will not be as easy this time around.

With fiercer competition in the pool, Kriston said he knows he has to train hard and, in the process, prove some people wrong.

“I don’t want to be runner-up this time,” he said. “I want to step up my game and show the team that I can beat them.”

To achieve this goal, Kriston said he has to train harder, eat healthier and lose some weight. He said he’s looking to lose up to 15 pounds.

Kriston is a member of Blue Waves Swim Club. His immediate challenge is to work hard enough to get promoted to a faster group.

Looking past the local shores, Kriston said he also has wider goals for swimming.

“I want to go to CARIFTA, the Goodwill Games and move up to Tsunami,” he said referring to a group in his swim club.

Kriston, whose mom Kristen Farrington is one of his coaches, said she is his inspiration.

Farrington represented The Bahamas at CARIFTA more than two decades ago. His younger sister, Kirsten, represented The Bahamas earlier this year at the Goodwill Games in Trinidad.

He’s looking to follow in their footsteps.

“My mom really inspires me,” he said.

“She always encourages me to do better in life and she’s always been there for me.”

As founder of the Clean Campaign Club at St. Anne’s School, member of the national youth choir, swimmer with Blue Waves Swim Club, budding baker and pastor, some may wonder how Kriston does it all and manages to keep his grades up.

“It’s about balancing and prioritizing,” he said.

Kriston said he studies after swim practice ends at 7 p.m. but he does his homework before it starts at 5:30 p.m. He also has piano lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He discovered his love for baking from his grandmother. He said she taught him everything he knows about baking.

“My grandmother, she really inspired me to bake,” he said. “Every time she finished baking, me and my sister, we normally licked the icing off the spoon.”

His baked goods are popular among his family and friends.

“I bake cupcakes, red velvet, vanilla cupcakes, and I’m baking brownies for a fundraiser for tomorrow,” he said.

Kriston said one of the few things that tops his love for baking is his love for God.

 “At the age of five, I used to have my own family prayer meeting,” he said.

He said eventually he wants to become an ordained pastor at his own church.

He is already gaining some experience. Kristonsaid he’s preached several sermons at his church.

He said he gets the inspiration for his sermons from a devotional for boys.

He also leads praise and worship occasionally.

Aside from becoming a pastor, Kriston said he wants to be an engineer and a justice of the peace, too.

He said, however, that he will not limit himself and will go after his goals as he sets them.

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