Stop complaining about everything

Dear Editor,

I was reading complaints on social media the other day about the paving east of the old Paradise Island bridge. Some were very upset that the paving was happening during the holiday season.

We have to grow up a bit. The road was a disaster. There were potholes and elevations and cannons. Parts of the road appeared unstable.

The government decided to pave the road, and now it is paved. For progress there has to be sacrifice.

I think there are ways the government could minimize the impact of roadworks on drivers. When possible, work should be done at night or on weekends. Also, when schools close for the summer, there is less traffic. That’s a time when major roadwork makes sense.

But for a host of complicated reasons, sometimes it has to happen when it has to happen. We need to stop whining about everything.

The road is much better now in that section. We should all be pleased about that.

– Martha S. Greene

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