Stop expecting Pintard to turn water into wine

Dear Editor,

I write my first letter to the editor to shake my head at the vocal minority of FNMs who cling to hope that any of their former leaders will sit on the throne once again.

Unfortunately, for those of us without gray hair, there will always be some who cannot resist looking to the past to solve the problems of today.

These legacy supporters overwhelmingly tend to be above a certain age, stuck in their ways and deaf to the younger voices begging them to move off the scene.

The claim another writer named “The Councilman” made that Bahamians are clamoring for the return of former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is a tragic example of what happens when you have fallen far out of touch with the masses.

No evidence of an appetite for the doctor’s return can be found outside of his and the Mackey Street Man’s strategically timed letters to the editor.

They hope that a lie repeated often enough will become the truth.

While it is true that Michael Pintard has not yet convinced the general voting public that the FNM deserves another shot at governance, it could never have realistically been expected that he would do so in just one year and two months.

Rarely, if ever, is the public criticism levied against Pintard substantive.

Sensible observers know that the impatience on display is silly, unfair, and a poorly disguised attempt at political maneuvering.

Bahamian Under 30

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