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Stop insulting the Creator

Now I know that a whole lot of people will indeed be quite puzzled by the command issued in today’s title, stop insulting the Creator, saying with a puzzled, very annoyed expression on their countenance, “What exactly do you mean D. Paul? How on earth am I insulting The Creator?” Well firstly, maybe you are not. From my observations throughout this great big world of ours, large numbers of people are insulting the Creator by not using their talents in a constructive way. I have stated repeatedly over the years in these articles, that you my friend, and indeed every single soul presently inhabiting Planet Earth, were born in the image and likeness of the Creator. I have also highlighted the fact, that he imbued you with an abundance of unique and special talents with which to succeed. But in spite of these indisputable facts, countless millions are not using their God-given talents in a positive, productive manner to assist them in being outstandingly successful in life, across the board – this is a fact and a very both sad and insulting one, in my opinion.

Now what do you think? Don’t you think it is highly insulting not to use the unique and special talents which have been given to you at birth with no charge? Well I do, and if this is the case with you for whatever reason, well then, I want that behavior on your part to cease forthwith – today – right now! Yes, my friend, it’s about time you got up off your you know what and start to discover, develop, polish and refine your unique and special talents so that you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Yes, my friend, you’ve got to stop insulting the Creator and thus set out to become the true winner he put you on Planet Earth to become so that you can use your God-given talents in a constructive, productive manner to assist in making others successful thereby making the world in which we all live, and your particular country much more successful for everyone. Yes indeed, today’s the day for you to really shine and succeed.

• Think about it!

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