Stop playing politics with the poor

Dear Editor,

I find it utterly mind-boggling to hear some of the members of the Free National Movement complain about the return of value-added tax on items in the breadbasket. Are these the same people who increased the tax in 2018 to 12 percent? Did I miss something in the last few months?

Did something happen after September 16? I’ve heard nearly every member of the FNM say how VAT on breadbasket items will hurt the poor. They say this VAT bill, to decrease VAT to 10 percent, is a steaks and caviar bill. Well blow me down. These are the same members who voted to increase VAT to 12 percent a few years ago. What kind of bill do you call that? The grits and sardine bill? Whatever the reason and whatever the rationale, I simply can’t get past that. Mind you, I was similarly befuddled when the PLP opposed the VAT increase in 2018. I mean, they introduced the tax in the first place.

I suggest to both parties, and I can only speak for myself, to stop it. Stop it. Grow up. The poor should not be used when it is convenient to gain political mileage. 

– A tired Bahamian

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