Stop the blame game

Dear Editor,

No matter what you do, some people are never satisfied.

What the government should do is the right thing.

The key to correcting a problem is to deal with it while it’s small, not to wait until it becomes a tsunami where there is no remedy to the problem.

No sense adding politics to the mix either.

Everyone knew from the start that the domes in Abaco were a temporary solution for people in need of shelter after Hurricane Dorian in 2019. The domes were never meant to be permanent.

God forbid The Bahamas has to deal with another powerful hurricane.

Those domes would never hold up. Then more people could get injured or die.

People would be right there blaming the government. The mindset needs to change.

It is not the government’s responsibility to support you for life.

It’s every Bahamian’s dream to own a piece of property and have their very own house.

Nothing is for free. Even if I receive something for free, someone else out there had to pay the bill.

Stop the blame game.

— Concerned Bahamian

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