SunCash bringing cash withdrawals, deposits back to Family Islands

SunCash is bringing cash accessibility back to Family Islands with its fast pay kiosks, that allow users to deposit money directly into their bank accounts, SunCash representative Lori Russell told Guardian Business recently.

Russell said the kiosks also allow residents in the areas they are in to pay utility bills and top up their mobile phone accounts.

According to Russell, fast pay kiosks were recently installed in North and Central Andros.

“It’s definitely important to hit all of The Bahamas, but we are targeting areas where persons do not have access to banks, specifically places where banks have left,” Russell said.

She said SunCash plans to tackle many other islands before the year’s end.

“We’re definitely going into overdrive by next year to connect most of them again,” said Russell.

“So, the fast pay kiosk is like a bank in a box with familiar features, but it’s more than just a bank. You can send to any local bank in The Bahamas. You can top up any mobile phone, you can pay all of your utility bills. From there, you can buy gift cards, you can also buy vouchers. You can load any Sand Dollar wallet also. So, it doesn’t matter which wallet you have, you can have ours or any of the other ones, once its Sand Dollar enabled.”

With access to cash a constant problem on the Family Islands, Russell said the kiosks will soon be equipped with recyclers that will enable deposited money to be cycled back into money available for withdrawal, in order to ensure the machines have adequate cash for the longest amount of time.

With The Central Bank of The Bahamas trying to move more and more Bahamians towards digital payments, Russell said SunCash’s sales team has been continually working to onboard businesses.

“We’ve gained I would say about 200 businesses thus far for the year in the Family Islands, making Sand Dollar more accessible,” she said.

According to Russell, SunCash has equipped all of the gas stations on Long Island and several gas stations and establishments on Andros.

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