Support for Michael Pintard

Dear Editor,

Please allow me a space in your newspaper to express my support for Michael Pintard, leader of the Free National Movement.

According to Robert Greenleaf, “Good leaders must become good servants first.”

Similarly, the Apostle James also stated that “he is a servant of God”.

We stand here also as servants of God and on behalf of the Bahamian people.

On Wednesday, our party leader and the member of Parliament for Marco City, took the opportunity to listen to a group of concerned Bahamians who were protesting in Rawson Square before heading into the House of Assembly.

The group gathered to protest the PLP government’s decision to bring draft legislation on citizenship through the halls of Parliament to be debated instead of carrying this legislation to the Bahamian people to hear their decision through a referendum.

Bahamians have voiced their concerns widely whether it being via social media, traditional media or through casual conversation. The primary concern, the need to be consulted.

Our leader has voiced repeatedly the FNM’s collaborative view, supporting the right for both Bahamian men and women to pass their citizenship to their children no matter their marital status.

It is important for the government of The Bahamas to properly consult with the opposition on this matter to ensure that best practices and effective results are achieved for the Bahamian people.

It must be recognized that the Bahamian people are majority stakeholders in our nation and their concerns should not be discarded by those who were elected to work on their behalf.

However, it is pleasing to see that the opposition led by Pintard is showcasing what vibrant and compassionate leadership is about. The opposition remains focused on this matter and is motivated by working for the betterment of our country.

We reiterate, the government must remember that they are servants of the Bahamian people, who are majority stakeholders and the holders of their political fate.

In the words of Sir Lynden Pindling, “Leaders, we must not forget, do not make themselves. They are made instead by the people they lead, the people who believe in them, and the people who are prepared to follow them not out of fear, because it may be the in-thing to do, or because of some hypnotic spell.”

We implore the government to address this vexing matter in a respectful, appropriate, and collaborative way that benefits the Bahamian people.

Be minded that this is not political football, but the foundation and future of Bahamian heritage.

— Jamal Moss

EDITOR’S NOTE: The government has not yet brought any citizenship bill but has indicated a plan to do so before the end of the fiscal year. 

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