Sustainability as a matter of survival

Dear Editor,

Cannabis will prove to be a vital element in resetting and supporting the economies of small island developing states like The Bahamas.

Whether or not the citizens of this nation are prepared to face such a reality remains to be seen, however. Following are a few points that need to be noted.

It is estimated in some circles that Bahamians import more than 80 percent of all goods consumed within these borders.

This obvious reliance on foreign economies has left our economy in an unfortunate challenged state, one in which we continue to ignore the glaring fact that tourism is the primary economic pillar, with other economic sectors playing minority roles.

Cannabis, along with a strong agricultural sector, will provide a truly sustainable economic option.

The Bahamas needs diversification.

We produce little, except for a growing populace who is increasingly burdened by a surprisingly high cost of living.

All should be reminded that it is only the resiliency of the people of this nation of The Bahamas that keeps this country moving forward.

Cannabis should be one of the locally grown products that allow Bahamians to produce on their own terms, from cultivation to processing to manufacturing.

Bahamians need respect in and control over our environment.

Industrial applications of cannabis and other crops will provide work and ownership opportunities across multiple sectors, including food, clothing, construction, medication, and biofuel categorizations.

In order to protect the financial and economic stability of future generations, this nation must deliberately empower its people.

The Bahamas needs industry.

At the time of this writing, the novel coronavirus stands as a stark reminder to humanity that self-sufficiency is imperative.

Imagine the devastating economic impact of the United States closing its borders for a month.

Is the nation of The Bahamas prepared or equipped to feed, clothe, shelter, medicate and provide energy for Bahamians?

The Bahamas needs to be self-sufficient.

The Bahamian government must move forward rapidly with cannabis decriminalization.

It is a most important step to revitalizing the Bahamian economy and a number of supporting industries.

There is a time for talk and there is a time for action.

We have done enough talking.

The Bahamas needs action.


Yorick Brown 

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