Sysco hosts mini food showcase

Sysco Bahamas Food Services hosted a mini food showcase geared towards showcasing the quality of what they’re offering in an effort to boost the understanding of their offerings to food industry players.

Sixteen of Sysco’s United States vendors won bids to participate in the showcase which allowed them to come to The Bahamas and be able to engage with clients who purchase their product.

“The country is reopening and we’re trying to gradually regain momentum towards our big show, so we hosted a mini food showcase,” said Jamal Small, corporate chef Sysco Bahamas. “We had vendors that actually bid to participate. We ran with the first 16. We kept it limited, and of course Sysco brands. The brand representatives get to see and be hands on with clients that purchase their product, so they get to explain, show and tell them in detail about new products with people who buy.”

He said the food show is important because it allows culinary industry people to see new items that they have brought onstream, and refresh their memories with other offerings. Small said it allows restaurants to see what they can add to their menus and how they can take items they offer, add their flair to it and make it their own.

“We’re showing how we can make it easier for chefs,” he said.

A number of cooking demonstrations showcasing how products could be used were also held during the one-day show.

The showcase held at the Baha Mar Convention Center was Sysco’s first food show since 2018. They showcased a quarter of the brands they represent.

“We have had mini ones at the plant but not at a location.”

The new corporate chef of a little over a year helmed his first show which he said was exciting for him having come from competing in shows to heading food shows. He was also excited to showcase their offerings to Out Island restaurant and resort representatives who they flew in for the show.

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