Sysco puts convenience display for food industry professionals

With convenience uppermost in the mind of food service industry professionals, Sysco Bahamas showcased its newest line of ready-to-use appetizers and dessert offerings during a mini showcase.

Chef Jamal Small, Sysco corporate chef said industry professionals have been behind them for items of convenience, which they were happy to roll out to them.

“Convenience is now food service in its entirety is after,” said Small. “People want things that they can just drop and go. Back in the day, we would have a whole assembly line of people putting stuff on skewers, but now we have eliminated that. We have product that’s raw on the skewers and they can just cook off and serve – chicken satay, empanadas that they don’t have to press and roll, bacon wrapped scallop and a bacon wrapped chicken with the maple glaze, already on the skewer and ready to go.”

Also on display was a multi-use hot pepper bacon jam that can be used as a dipping sauce or on a burger as well as vegan options – battered mushroom, pea flour pasta, vegetable cous cous and a cauliflower pizza crust as well as a line of organic, lactose-free cheese.

Among a number of dessert options showcased included thaw-and-serve cheesecakes, including a decadent turtle cheesecake, authentic New York style.

Small says for Sysco, hosting showcases for industry professionals is important to bring awareness to products available to them that they can taste prior to adding to their menus.

Vegan options on display.

Members of the food service industry, from casual dining to fine dining professionals took advantage of the opportunity to view and taste Sysco’s new line of appetizer and dessert products.

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