T.D. Jakes’ United MegaCare donates to GB

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — In a warehouse just off Queen’s Highway in Grand Bahama, sits over a dozen walkers leaning up against several boxes bound for several communities hit hard by Hurricane Dorian.

They’re all a part of a huge donation of relief supplies facilitated by United MegaCare, the philanthropic arm of The Potter’s House, which is pastored by world-renowned preacher T.D. Jakes in Texas.

Drew Castillo is a youth pastor at The Potter’s House and led the charge at the warehouse yesterday where dozens of pallets of items were offloaded from a trailer and placed in care packages to be delivered to those in need throughout Grand Bahama communities.

“We’ve got a lot of hygiene care packages right here and of course we’ve got a lot of toiletries, toilet paper, meals and I’m really excited that we’ve got a whole pallet of Leggos for the kids,” he said as he walked The Nassau Guardian through the warehouse.

“We’ve got lots of walkers for the elderly, plenty of diapers for days and weeks and we’re just really glad that we can be a blessing in that way and be able to serve the people in whatever way.”

Since 1997, MegaCare has served vulnerable communities and the disadvantaged around the world.

Castillo said shortly after seeing the devastation caused by Dorian, the team met and decided how they would help and got to work.

As relief supplies continue to land on the island, the youth pastor said their organization sees it as important that relief doesn’t just stop a month or two after the storm.

“We’re looking to make this a long-term effort and so we’re really excited about that,” said Castillo.

“Our intention from the beginning was to get here as fast as we can and then talking to our leadership at United MegaCare and of course Bishop T.D. Jakes, we saw there are long-term needs that we want to get behind and really help the people. And so, we’re looking to come back over the next few months and be here as frequently as possible.

“The people who follow Megacare, who follow Bishop TD Jakes and The Potter’s House, are people who are givers and are eager to give something that would help change lives.”

Castillo said those interested in assisting can visit and help with not only this cause, but the many other disaster relief efforts the organization does.


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