Teen alleges he was sexually assaulted in prison

A 17-year-old murder suspect was allegedly the victim of a sexual assault.

The teenager’s lawyer Ian Cargill made the disturbing revelation yesterday to Magistrate Samuel McKinney, almost one month after the court remanded the teen to the Adolescent Section of the prison.

Cargill claimed that the photos of the injuries the child suffered as a result of the sexual assault “brought tears to his eyes”.

Cargill’s associate, Wendawn Miller-Frazer, is expected to make a formal application for the court to have the teen housed at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) on Friday.

At his initial court appearance, McKinney denied his lawyers’ request that he be housed at the SRC rather than the prison.

At the time, they claimed he had an undisclosed mental condition.

However, McKinney sent him to the prison citing security concerns.

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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