Teens fined for drugs

Two teenagers who admitted to having over a pound of marijuana must pay a fine of $1,200 each to avoid spending six months in prison.

Police arrested Rashawn Wallace, 19, and a 17-year-old on Tuesday at a home on Thompson Lane, off East Street, following the seizure of one pound and six ounces of marijuana, with a wholesale street value of $1,500.

The arresting officers also seized $1,937 in drug money.

The pair pleaded guilty to a charge of drug possession with intent to supply at their arraignment before Magistrate Sandradee Gardiner.

Lawyer Ian Cargill said both persons had no previous convictions or pending cases.

Cargill asked the court to consider the sum already confiscated when determining the fine.

Gardiner admonished both young men to change the trajectory of their lives.

They have until Friday to pay the fines.

The 17 year old works with his father in the electrical industry.

The juvenile also pleaded guilty to drug possession.

The court ordered him to pay a $400 fine to avoid spending a month in prison.

Christopher Gibson appeared in the same court charged with possession of dangerous drugs.

Police arrested him on March 27 after they found him with four ounces of marijuana.

His attorney Ian Cargill asked the court to consider counseling for the self-employed mason and father of five.

Gardiner acceded to the request.

Gibson has to complete drug counseling by June 23 to avoid spending two months in prison.

The magistrate told Gibson, “You’re a grown man with children. You have to set an example for them.”


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