Thank you to our ‘war time’ prime minister

Dear Editor, 

Thank you, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands and the medical team for leading the charge in the war against COVID-19.

What we are seeing is a proactive “war time” prime minister and Cabinet, aided by a great team of Bahamian doctors, acting firmly and decisively, making the tough decisions necessary to deal with this massive economic and health crisis.

The fallout from the pandemic is going to test The Bahamas like never before.

This is also a wake up call to do everything possible to protect our scarce food resources.

As an import nation that relies so heavily on food from abroad, we must recognize why it is SO important to guard our fragile reefs and marine life against unfriendly environmental practises.

Yes, job creation is crucial, but so is our primary food source and the ability to feed ourselves.

The government must continue to encourage agriculture through community and school farming programs and the farmer’s market and so on.

Many Bahamians, particularly those on New Providence, would be surprised at what can be grown in their own backyard.


Athena Damianos

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