The 97:3 rule and positive social thinking

Dear Editor,

It is often said that “we love that which we spend most of our time doing”. I would guess that if many of us took an account of our most intimate thoughts, they would amount to the realities of some negative influence or unresolved personal issue. These are not pessimistic social assumptions, but visual clarity derived from the pulse of contemporary action in living! How do we define the saturation of racial divides, the explosive proliferation of sexual misconduct in entertainment, government and clergy? How do we define the present societal disregard to moral compassing? What shall we do to rid ourselves of this social plight and revert to the basics of the human spirit that loves self, neighbor and the blessings of living together in harmony?

Every holiday season we unfold our selfish shackles and proclaim that the time is upon us to give better than we receive. For a moment, let’s imagine the possibilities of a universal allegiance to alter the air filled with separation and negativism and grab ahold of that Cupid of love, Cupid of positive thought, Cupid of satisfaction for breath of life, Cupid of peace toward family and Cupid of thankfulness that you and I breathe!

“Back to basics” refers to going back to understanding that “we love that which we spend most of our time doing”. What if we beheld these truths and put into action a daily prelude of purpose to mentally massage these possibilities? The only real control we have in life is what we think, along with the decisions we make. The 97:3 rule implies spending 97 percent of our daily walk thinking positively and only allowing three percent of negative energy to enter our thoughts. As the rule implies, living the good life starts with good thoughts; being healthy starts with healthy thoughts; and attaining a fulfilling relationship with family and friends starts with giving 97 percent of your time and loving the privilege of sowing good seed in every area of your life!

— Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

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