The audacity of Royal Caribbean

Dear Editor,

I read with amazement a recent news article in Guardian Business quoting a representative of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines suggesting that if they can’t get the final 7 acres of Crown land on Paradise Island for their proposed destination project, the whole deal is off.

The audacity and disrespect of this company is simply astonishing. Royal Caribbean knows full well that part of the land in question is in dispute, as a Bahamian developer claims to have been granted a Crown land lease. I assume they also know full well that Crown land is the sovereign property of the Bahamian people, which is only held in trust for our benefit by the government of the day.

How dare Royal Caribbean seek to pressure the Bahamian people in this way? At a time when they know that the average man and woman is suffering and thousands are unemployed, this company seeks to dangle the carrot of a few hundred jobs in front of us, then threaten to take it all away if they don’t get what they want.

Well as far as I am concerned, too bad.

It was Royal Caribbean’s decision to buy up more than a dozen acres of private land without first securing a lease for the final seven acres in question. They made their bed and now government should make them sleep in it. And this should be the policy going forward for all big international companies who have the arrogance and audacity to assume that they can dictate terms to the Bahamian people in this way.


R. Johnson

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