The Bahamas completes competition at WBSC

The Bahamas’ bowling team recently completed their mandatory 18 games and participation at the 2019 World Bowling Senior Championship (WBSC) at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, Nevada. The final three games for the senior men were bowled on Sunday, and the women bowled their second block of three games earlier in the day.

In the women’s first block of games on Saturday, the team of four, inclusive of Janice Hoyte, Paula Harts, Angela Smith and Floridamae Wilson, combined for a score of 1,953 in total pins. Each bowler on the team bowled three games resulting in an average of 162.75, and they finished 19th out of 21 teams. Hoyte led the team in that block with a 555 set, an average of 185 over three games.

The United States, Australia and Finland were first, second and third respectively.

In the second block, our team totalled 1,894 pins and finished 21st. The team average was 157.83 for the second block. Harts led all bowlers in that block with 533 total pins which translated to a 174.33 average.

Again, the United States came out on top, with Sweden second in that block and Mexico third. Team Australia were the eventual winners in the team finals.

In the All Events category (which combined singles, doubles and team scores), Hoyte finished 56th with a total pinfall of 3,184 (176.89 average over 18 games). Harts finished 95th with a total pinfall of 2,803, averaging 155.72 average; Wilson was 98th with 2,646 in total pins; and Smith finished 99th with 2,636 in total pins.

For the men, in the first block, the team of Kenrick Brathwaite, Yule Hoyte, Gregory Taylor and Kevin Williams amassed 2,185 pins. The team averaged 182.08 and that put them in 28th place in the field of 38 teams. Taylor led the team with a 184.67 average.

Finland, the United States and Sweden finished first, second and third respectively.

In the second block, Team Bahamas finished 34th. Their total pinfall was 2,054. Brathwaite had the highest score for Bahamians with a 575 set for a 191.67 average.

The United States was first followed by Italy and Germany.

The United Stated defeated Finland in the team finals to win the team competition.

In the All Events category, Williams led the Bahamian men with 3,373 pins. That’s a respectable 187.39 average. Brathwaite followed closely with 3,359 total pins which translated to a 186.61 average. Hoyte finished with a total of 3,216 pins (178.67 average) and Taylor totalled 3,070 pins for a 170.56 average.

The entire team, led by Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) Vice President Yule Hoyte, is expected to return to the country today.

BBF Public Relations Officer Clayton Gardiner said that even though they were engaged in competition, the hearts of the team were here in The Bahamas given the passage of Hurricane Dorian last week. He said that they are eager to get back to the country to assist in the hurricane relief efforts.

About 180 men and women from over 50 countries took part in the 2019 World Bowling Senior Championship which wrapped up yesterday. The event featured the top senior bowlers from around the world and occurs every two years. Bowlers must be 50 years of age or older to participate.

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