The Bahamas is grateful to the U.S. president

Dear Editor,

Thank you, editor, for allowing me space in your newspaper to express our thanks and appreciation for the wonderful decision made by the president of the United States to de-escalate fears of war among the people who visit the shores of The Bahamas on a regular basis.

The removal of an official terrorist commander of the Iranian army who was skillfully eradicated from the face of the planet was considered excellent.

As a result of American intelligence, Qasem Soleimani met death suddenly.

Today, we in The Bahamas are truly grateful for the excellent work of the Trump administration and members of the United States military who have again proven themselves to be defenders of goodwill toward men, women, boys and girls.

This was a good decision made by the president not to respond to the terrorist actions of Iranian people when they decided to retaliate by way of shooting missiles at the Iraqi military base where many U.S. and coalition forces were housed. Thank God there were no casualties or death.

The Bahamas is truly grateful for the many visitors to our shores every day and, due to the president’s decision not to respond to the missile treat, all fear is gone throughout the world as it relates to a potential devastating war between Iran and America.

While The Bahamas is not yet a perfect Christian nation, that is a mark we press toward.

Love and respect toward all our guests are emphasized by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, particularly by its minister and director general of tourism.

The wise decision by the president not to respond by way of military action toward Iran was applauded not only in The Bahamas but throughout the world.

His action was clearly Christianity being put in effect.

As a result, Iraq and those countries in the Middle East, including Iran, breathed a sigh of relief and perhaps inwardly said, “Thank you, Mr. Donald Trump.”

In fact, the U.S. president advised the people of Iran to choose life and not death. These are the words of Jesus Christ, the Lord.

As for us in The Bahamas, particularly those of us in the tourism industry, we are truly grateful that today we can operate in the atmosphere of peace without the fear of war.

– Rodney Tyga St. Jour, Bahamas Restoration Outreach Ministry

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